You might be a mom if…The #1 Reason Baby Wipes Are Your Best Friend

Kids are gross. Like reeeeaaalllly gross. It’s a good thing they’re so darn cute because it makes tolerating the never-ending mess just a little bit easier. As a first time mom, I wanted things to be pristine (keyword: wanted). I had an idea of what my house and child should look like. Always kept and relatively clean. Then came baby #2…

Wow, have I learned a lot of lessons with baby #2! One of those lessons is that life, especially life with kids, isn’t clean. It’s all a big ol’ mess! I still cringe when I hear the entire tote of blocks being dumped all over the floor, but I also know it’s inevitable and my kids are going to learn how to be very good at picking things up.

Another lesson I’ve learned, and here’s the real jewel: baby wipes are your best friend. Seriously. Once you’re a mom, baby wipes = BFF! The #1 reason why?

They. Clean. EVERYTHING.

Everything! Really! The kids, the floor, the car, your face. If it needs wiped clean, those baby wipes can always be trusted to help you out and get the job done. Before you know it, you’ll have a package of baby wipes everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE. Obviously, you need wipes in the nursery and diaper bag. Those itty bitty booties aren’t going to clean themselves. But what about when it comes to dusting all the things or wiping down the kitchen counter or the dining room table? Or what about when the bathroom needs a quick clean? And how about that questionable, sticky substance on the floor? Baby wipes. They check all the boxes! Thank goodness you can buy them in bulk!

You know the stigma that a mom’s car is always dirty? Ya, well…kids. It’s because of kids and their crumbly snacks and cluttered toys and dirty shoes and sticky hands. Oh and their total lack of concern that they are living, breathing tornadoes! It’s takes all of two seconds for a mom’s car to be a complete disaster. It’s hard to have time to deep clean. I mean, those kids need out of their car seats. Groceries need carried in. And…where did the keys go already? Baby wipes are my favorite accessory in the car. My family would seriously not survive if we couldn’t eat in the car, which means those precious wipes come in handy pretty much every single time we go anywhere.

As my daughter is nearing the day that we officially start potty training, I know baby wipes and I probably won’t be BFFs forever. However, just because she’ll be potty trained one day, doesn’t mean I’ll necessarily stop buying wipes. I mean, what other cleaner can clean almost any mess?!

Tell me, what are your favorite, handiest uses for baby wipes? Mamas, have you found yourself using them for everything now that you have messy littles?

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