In Slow Motion – When I Finally Realized The Value Of Slowing Down

“Mama, can we cuddle?”

That sweet, eager, gentle voice comes from behind me while I fold laundry and try to catch up on one of my “mom shows”. Or while I load the dishwasher. Or while I scrub the toilet. Or change a diaper. My to-do list feels like it’s miles long and to stop and cuddle will slow me down, interrupt me.

Or it used to feel that way.

Friends, I can’t tell you how freeing it was to throw my to-do list away. Seriously. I remember when I picked out the “perfect” planner. I was so excited. (I’m geeky that way.) Then life started to change so much and get so busy that I couldn’t keep up. So I tossed it. Simple as that.

I decided to start taking the days as they came. Maybe that means ordering pizza, watching movies all day, and jammies by 6 PM. Maybe it means accepting that I feel a little defeated. Maybe that means eating a perfectly balanced meal, limited screen time, and lots of fresh air. Maybe it means feeling like a supermom. All of it is important. All of it means slowing down and realizing what’s important.

That laundry? It’ll be there. The dishes? They’ll be there. The toilet that needs scrubbed? Yup, still waiting. My kids will only be this age once. Their tiny hands, their sweet, squishy faces, their baby giggles….that will all go away over time. And I don’t want to have missed it.

Now, I’m not saying that I’m going to totally neglect my house. Teaching my kids how to take care of their things and our home is important to me. But when it comes down to it, when that little voice asks me to cuddle, I don’t want to say no. It crushes me to say no. To say that I don’t have time. Because I do. I’ll always have time for my kids. We make time for what matters most to us.

Have you read my post about what I want to be when I grow up? [Read it, HERE.] Well, it ties in with all of this and slowing down. I talk about how I want to be happy “when I grow up” and I’ve learned very quickly that I’m happiest when I’m there for my family, when I slow down and live in the moment.

Learning to live in slow motion, live in the moment, means cherishing it all. Even the bad. Believe me, it’s hard to cherish the bad sometimes, but when you don’t have the pressure of a hefty to-list and you realize how temporary all the little moments are, the bad doesn’t seem so bad. The good seems even better, even sweeter.

“Mama, can we cuddle?”

Always, baby.

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