My Top 5 Fave Moms To Follow On Instagram – And why you’re going to love them, too!

I love Instagram! It’s my favorite social media platform. One thing I’ve loved about it most is how easy it’s been to connect with other moms! As a stay-at-home mama, finding other adults, especially moms, to connect with has been my sanity saver. I try to fill my feed with pages that are encouraging, motivating, inspiring, or that I can learn from. If I want to sit and scroll for a bit as a way to relax, I want what I see to be as positive as possible. These 5 ladies that I selected as my favorite moms to follow each bring a little something different to the table. I know, by following their pages, I’m sure to see some DIY, humor, relatable stories, fun products, and faith-based posts. In my opinion, it doesn’t get much better than that!

So, without further ado, here are my top 5 fave moms to follow on Instagram…and why you’re going to love them, too!


  • Cat & Nat

These two…oh my goodness, they are awesome! I was actually lucky enough to travel a few hours and see their “Fun Show” with a friend back in November. We were so sad when those two hours were up and the show was over. I could’ve listened to them all night! To say they keep things real is an understatement, which is one of the things I love about them. Cat and Nat just came out with their first book, “#MomTruths”, and I’m dying to read it! While a lot of their content is absolutely hilarious, they have plenty of posts that tug at the heartstrings, too. I always “heart” their posts before I even read them because I know it’s going to say just what I need to hear. Their ability to share what they’re going through as moms and as women, in general, is spectacular and so relatable.

You can check out their page HERE!


  • Amy Weatherly

This is another mom all about keeping it real. Her IG stories are the BEST! Her posts aren’t always just targeted at moms, but women of all walks of life that could use some more self-love and appreciation. (Which is….all of us?) I love her love for Jesus, as well. She’s bold and fun about her love for God (and life overall), which definitely puts a fire under my faith. Honestly, I think part of why I love following Amy so much is because she reminds me of my best friend, Kalie. We’re big on our faith, our families, and Mexican food! (Seriously, we eat at the same Mexican restaurant EVERY time we’re together.) No doubt, she’d fit right in our little mom group!

You can check out her page HERE!


  • Megan Yancy

This sweet mama has a beautiful old soul and an amazing heart for God. I love her values, faith, and style! She’s a hardworking mom with six kids and a husband that gets to stay home with her, as they both pursue their dreams. How awesome is that?! She’s been all about body-positivity and loving the way God makes all of us special and perfect in our own way. She’s always sharing about products that she and her family use, which is fun and gives me new ideas when it comes to gifts. Megan shares about everything from mom-ing, business, marriage, and God (and then some). I especially love when she talks about each of her kids. Her “Wild Card” son is so much like my daughter, it gives me encouragement that I’m not alone in raising a kiddo that keeps me on my toes All. The. Time. She brings a special sense of calmness to my IG feed.

You can check out her page HERE!


  • Cydni Beer

If you follow this mom, get ready to laugh…a lot! Her content is so fun and relatable, but she shares memes and funnies from other parents, too. I’m always entertained and left realizing I’m not alone in all the craziness that comes along with parenthood. She shares about real life, as well. Her post a few months ago about her marriage really struck a chord with me. It was so inspiring and opened my eyes to how important it is to power through the tough times that come along with marriage and to always work as a team. The mostly humorous with the scattered seriousness is why I really enjoy following Cydni!

You can check out her page HERE!


  • Katryce A.K.A. The Funny Momma

This mom shares a little bit of everything! Recipes, DIY, advice, fashion, fun…everything! I love her “Momma Talk Monday”, when she shares about something going on in her own life and asks for the opinions and advice from other moms. Her DIY projects have been so cool to see, too, as they range from a front door wreath to a craft desk. Each day is themed, which means she keeps things changing, but at the same time, offers reliable and valuable content. Katryce is glam and fun, while always staying transparent about how hard motherhood really is. And as you’ve already read, I’m all about that “realness”.

You can check out her page HERE!


I’m so thankful for these mamas and the positivity they bring to my Instagram feed. Who are some of your favorite people to follow? Share in the comments below!












  1. I love Susiejverrill – if you love sarcasm then she’s your girl ❤️ Also Dinkythreads Kidswear – (Shelly) best handmade products and the designs are awesome and super good value!!! X


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