The Impact of Words

We all know how much words can hurt. We know how easily they can tear others down and break spirits. The tongue can be a powerful weapon. What we need to focus on even more, though, is how words can build others up. Sometimes, without even realizing it, we say things that spark joy or inspiration. Our words could turn a whole day around, build someone up, or provide comfort to a hurting heart.

There’s a saying that goes along the lines of, “Be kind to everyone because everyone is facing a battle you know nothing about.” This may not be spot on, but you get the jist. You never know how your words could be just what someone else needed to hear. In as little as one word, you could change a person’s life, even if that word seems insignificant to you. That’s how much what we say matters.

Let’s vow to keep our words kind and motivational and understanding. It might be, “I’ve been there”, “you’re not alone”, or “it’ll be ok”. How simple are those phrases? Three words each. Yet, they could bring someone, who feels like they’re failing or struggling, comfort and confidence to face the day.

Let’s compliment each other and point out the good. In college, I worked at a department store, typically in the women’s clothing section. As I started each shift, I made it a goal to compliment each person that came into my department in one way. As they came up to pay, I’d find just one thing to say that I thought might brighten their day. It wasn’t a gimmick to get more credit card sign-ups or a good review. It was truly because I wanted to make a small impact in whatever way I could, and the simplest way I could find to do so was with my words.

The other day, I wrote a post about finding joy in the little things and writing a gratitude list each day. Let’s make our words to someone be what they’re grateful for. That day I listed talking to a friend, talking to my parents, and a barista that was friendly and understanding. Do you know what they all have in common and why they made it onto my gratitude list? Their words were uplifting and positive. To a mom that often feels lonely or stressed, trying to balance this crazy mom life and find her non-mom self in the process, their words made that loneliness and stress disappear, even for just a little bit.

It’s so easy to focus on how bad words can be and how much pain they can bring, but let’s start shifting our mindset. Let’s make more of an effort to speak positivity and encouragement to those that come into our lives. You never know how you’ll change someone’s world, just with the words that come out of your mouth.


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