Finding Joy in the Little Things

Finding joy in the little things in life is essential to overall happiness. To be honest, this is something I often struggle with. Sometimes it’s easier to see all the little negatives and inconveniences, and usually, that’s what I find myself doing. Then I listened to a podcast by Rachel Hollis that talked about the five things she does every day to be the best self she can be, “5 to thrive” she called it. The thing she felt was the most important out of the five was to make a gratitude list of ten things that happened that day, and to get in the habit of doing this every. single. day. A few other things on the list I’ve already been doing or trying to do, like eating healthier or drinking half my body weight in ounces of water, but making a gratitude list isn’t something I’d really considered.

I listened to this podcast on Monday morning and I’m writing this post on Tuesday night. After just two days of finding joy in the little things, my overall attitude has started to improve. I’ll admit, over the last few weeks, things have been a little rough. I haven’t had a positive mood and I’ve been quick to let anger and excuses get the best of me. After so long, though, one has to say enough is enough and find a solution. The gratitude list, whether I write it out or consciously make a list in my head, has really helped my mindset. I’ve now found myself searching out the little, simple, good things and clinging to those things when the day gets tough and I start to wear down.

I thought I’d share today’s list and would highly encourage you to start making your own, as well. Search out the happy! Find the good in all things! Live a joyful, thankful life!

  1. My daughter sat quietly and did a puzzle while I carried in groceries.
  2. My picky-eater son gobbled down all his supper without any complaint.
  3. I stayed well under budget when purchasing groceries today.
  4. My best friend called me, just to chat, while on her lunch break.
  5. I finished week 7 of 8 of my workout program.
  6. I made progress on my “spring cleaning”. Not a lot, but progress is progress.
  7. My hubby got to be home today and we had lunch together, which rarely happens.
  8. Our labradoodle had the kids running, playing, and giggling.
  9. I had a great talk with my parents, over the phone.
  10. The barista at Caribou Coffee was light and laughter after a somewhat stressful grocery shopping trip with two small children.



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