3 Tips to Staying Motivated

Motivation. Inspiration. Encouragement. It doesn’t matter what word you like to use most, we all need a little extra boost from time to time. Here are my top 3 tips to staying motivated!

1. Listen to music. 

This one will always be my first go-to. Turning on an upbeat station on Spotify or creating a fun playlist in iTunes boosts my mood when I’m feeling down and gives me extra strength when I have things I need to get done. This is especially key when I’m going to exercise or if I’m dragging my feet to clean the house. Music that always pumps me up includes songs from the Backsteet Boys, Meghan Trainor, and anything from The Greatest Showman Soundtrack.

2. Create a vision board. 

This one might seem like work in itself, but it can be a real game changer and surprisingly simple. If you see a quote, verse, or saying that inspires you, put it where you can see it. Print it off, write it down, whatever you have to do, but make sure you can see it every single day. This might mean you get a cork board and tack on all sorts of things then hang it in your room or office. It might also mean you have a sticky note on the bathroom mirror or in your bedroom closet. It’s totally up to you, but finding words that motivate you, reading them over and over, and applying them to your life can work wonders.

3. Set a goal. 

Your goal can be as simple as “vacuum the living room” or as big as “run a half-marathon”, but the whole point is that you stay motivated until you’ve reached that goal. This goes along with the vision board, as well. Write that goal down. Post it where you can see it until you’ve accomplished it. Say it quietly to yourself or yell it out in excitement. Having goals and crushing them is an awesome feeling.  When you’re just not feeling it, remember how good it feels to be determined and conquer whatever it is you wanted to do. Also, don’t forget who you may be inspiring or teaching along the way.

In Conclusion

I hope one or all three of these things help you to stay motivated, too! I completely rely on music, motivating words, and goal-setting to help me get things done. What works best for YOU when you struggle to keep pushing forward?


    • I’ve made them in the past for goals, but I’ve really loved having one for everyday mom life, even more! Some days it’s just the inspiration I need to make it through the day and remind me I’m not a bad mom!


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